Borewell Drilling

Borewell drilling is done till the water sources is found. We cannot tell at what depth the water sources will be found, but we here will advice you at what depth approximately the water sources may come based on our past experience at particular locality. We also advice our clients till what depth the borewell drilling depth must be in that particular location, so that there may not be necessity to Re-bore in near future.

Borewell cleaning

Borewell cleaning is required when borewell is not functioning properly and if there is any silt problems in the borewell then it is necessary to clean the borewell. We provide borewell cleaning services.

Borewell camera scanning

When a Borewell is dug in a particular loose soil area, loose soil as well as boulders occur. we dont know what is the situation inside the borewell. At that time borewell camera scanning is necessary to check the status of a borewell how the soil formation is inside the bore hole. Our team will advice the best solution for the problem. Not all the times Borewell camera scanning is required, it differs from location to location if necessary our team will advice you.

Robo well drilling

Assume that you have already constructed a house and now you have decided to dig a borewell. 6 wheeler and 10 wheeler borewell rigs can dig borewell when there is a empty place with no construction. But here you have constructed a house and there is a option to dig a borewell using robo borewell.

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